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Welcome to the timeless resplendence of Sadul Club! Founded in 1902 by the visionary Maharaja Sir Ganga Singhji Bahadur of Bikaner, the club has an unrivalled history of royal hospitality, passionate sporting activities and of upholding the highest of the ethics of Rajasthan's glorious cultural heritage. A treasured dream of Maharaja Sir Ganga Singhji, the club came into its material being as Victoria Memorial Club – the great Maharaja's tribute to the memory of Queen Victoria and as his foresighted gift to the genteel class of Bikaner. The club received its present name from Maharaja Sadul Singhji in 1945. The club has had the honour of welcoming some of the most revered dignitaries of the British Raj like Lord Curzon,

Message From The Patron: Sh Devi Singh Bhati

At present the club provides world class sporting and entertainment facilities to its members and guests through three state-of-the-art synthetic tennis court, two indoor badminton courts, one squash court a fully developed luch green cricket ground, one futuristic gymnasium, a custom designed fascinating swimming pool, and a sprawling billiards room studded with animal trophies and billiards tables that simply invoke the nineteenth century royal ambiance. The club also has a majestic bar, a cozy cards-room and a restaurant that serves irresistibly succulent intercontinental cuisine. The children's park of the club brings out smiles and shrieks of joy from children with its entertaining swings and joy-rides.