About Us

The Victoria Memorial Club was formally renamed SADUL CLUB in January 1949 after the then H.H.Maharaja Sadul Singhji who brought it in modern shape being a fond lover of modern buildings. Even in the post independence era the club achieved great attention by virtue of the Shooting exploits of the patron of the Club Maharaja Dr. Karni Singhji son of Sh. Sadul Singhji. He won numerable trophies for the country in various shooting competitions at World level.
One of the greatest defining moments in the history of the club came in the form of the unanimous election of Sh. Devi Singhji Bhati as the club's president in the year 2006. Minister of state and MLA from Sri Kolayat (Bikaner) for the last 30 years Sh. Devi Singhji's name brings a special resonance of warmth, love and true leadership for the people of Rajasthan. A passionate believer in the cultural heritage of Rajasthan Sh. Devi Singhji's tenure as the president of the club has initiated the dream era in the revival of the old glory of the club.


Sadul Club Executives